Working internationally

One of the things I love about being an Interiors Therapist is the pleasure of travel and experiencing new places. Working one to one is significantly faster and beneficial for any client, so it was a big 'Yes' when I received a referral to work in the South of...

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Is my home a Woman Repeller?

Following the massive response to the ‘Manrepeller’ article, the Daily Mail requested another interview for their Inspire section.   Cosmo Landesman, author, journalist, raconteur, TV persona and correspondent for the over 50’s dating site Lumen was struggling to find...

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Out of the mouths of babes…

Some friends hate to throw things away, others have bought larger houses to accommodate all their stuff.  Sometimes we chat about what I do and occasionally their children overhear.  I loved this story from a particularly cluttered home... My friend's youngest...

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Motivation to start

If you are struggling to get started on clearing your clutter, ask yourself “If I got the chance of the fresh start in the life I always wanted or my perfect job abroad, how much of my stuff would I actually take with me?”  Imagine you have to pay for every kilo. It...

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Word Images in Interiors Therapy

Many clients want to draw Feng Shui energy into their homes without it being abundantly obvious they have done so.  It's preferable to have a delightful welcoming space which feels good to spend time in, rather than a space crammed with items which might enhance the...

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Manrepeller? What the heck is that?

That was my first reaction when I saw the headline in the 'Inspired’ section of the Daily Mail.  I’d worked with the journalist, the phenomenal Liz Hoggard, a few days earlier to review her home and explain how Interiors Therapy combined with clearing clutter can...

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About Suzanne Roynon

I became the 'go to' person for friends and colleagues who were feeling stuck or needed to move on. By clearing their clutter they  transformed their lives, made more money and met new people. 

It was a natural step to train as a personal performance coach, taking my knowledge and understanding to a new level, enabling me to serve my clients with a truly bespoke Interiors Therapy, clutter and coaching service.  I now work across the UK and internationally.


Success Stories

I had been struggling to get over the end of a relationship and had lost friends as a result of my mood. I’d lost my mojo and it was beginning to show at work. With Suzanne’s help, I’m now happy in my home, have decided to study for a Masters and am dating again.
James Wilkinson, London

Success Stories

I had been overweight for 10 years. After getting Suzanne’s help, I dropped 3 dress sizes and met a great man – in 6 months! I am now married with a healthy baby girl and I’m where I’ve always wanted to be.
Diane Stephenson, Hitchin, Herts

Success Stories

This short visit made such a difference – it helped bring some much needed order to our lives and inexplicably how I felt.  It seemed to lift my mood and give me a new focus, allowing me to apply maximum focus and energy to the recruitment process. I’m delighted to confirm I got the job!
John Hill, Cheshire

Success Stories

As we cleared my clutter my anxiety started to lift and I felt happier. My business improved, I took on many new clients and cleared my debts. I started attracting new within romantic interest and am now dating again after seven years alone.   

Olivia Lee, Hertfordshire

Success Stories

Of course, there’s no guarantee that making these changes in my home — and, more importantly, in my head — will lead to love. But one thing is for certain. My flat is no longer a woman-repeller, and I haven’t been so happy in ages.   

Cosmo Landesman, London



Success Stories

The flat was so much lighter and brighter, I could see things, find things and it generally felt so much more enjoyable to live in.  The most surprising consequence was within six months I started a new job, met a new man and life became so much more fun.
Elizabeth Pickering, Sussex

Success stories

After my 'Ready to Sell' Interiors Therapy. I realised I had effectively been a lodger in my own home for years.  There were cupboards I never opened and rooms which felt unloved.  Now I love my home all over again and it sold three days after the consultation.

M Higgs, Hertfordshire