Interiors therapy is designing your environment to optimise new opportunities in your life. Whether it’s more prosperity, a new promotion or a new partnership, your home environment plays a significant part in slowing down your progress or speeding it up.

I identify the physical obstacles in your space and the psychological obstacles you may have. Clearing those internal and external blocks helps you attract what you want into your life – faster.

“Five days after my Interiors Therapy consultation I achieved an outcome I had waited over two years for – and a bonus equaling a third of my annual salary.”     Emma Fraser, West Midlands

A powerful combination of practical support and coaching

Interiors Therapy

Interiors Therapy coaching is much more than de-cluttering.  It’s a method of cleansing your home emotionally and physically after a break-up, major change in circumstances, when you feel blocked, or life simply isn’t in flow.

Interiors Therapy identifies the conscious and subconscious triggers that may be keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving forward.  It empowers you to clear blockages, re-frame your thinking and create a positive home environment.

It’s a powerful and supportive process to break through years of stagnation and open the way to a fresh new life.

But what is clutter?

Clutter takes all kinds of forms, paperwork, photos, clothes, things you keep tucked in the back of cupboards and ‘stuff’ you just don’t know what to do with.

So while your stuff is gathering dust, your life is stuck and although you’d really like to move forward, something just keeps holding you back.

That’s where clearing your clutter, supported by Interiors Therapy coaching can transform your home, experience and attitude.  Consultations are available 1:1 in the UK and Europe and Online elsewhere across the globe.

You can use the information on this site to help you de-clutter on your own, or you can make a super-fast impact with Interiors Therapy by inviting me to join you in zapping your clutter into oblivion and coach you to your fresh start.  Book your free 15 minute consultation.

Whichever route you choose, make the break with the things holding you back and enjoy the future you deserve. Find out more about a consultation.

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