Clear your past and present clutter to create a new relationship in your life

“Five days after my Interiors Therapy consultation I achieved an outcome I had waited over two years for – and a bonus of £18K!  A couple of weeks later I met the man of my dreams.”     Emma Fraser, West Midlands

A powerful combination of practical support and coaching

Interiors Therapy and Relationships

Your clutter is blocking the relationship you deserve

I help women get a great relationship by clearing their past and present clutter.

When I walked away from my marriage 24 years ago leaving almost everything behind, I felt liberated and free to make a brighter life. Since then I have seen women struggle to leave behind old relationships and start healthy new ones because they are tied to the past by their possessions.

I first began to clear clutter professionally twelve years ago after friends asked for help when they were moving home and wanted to make a fresh start. I noticed how different they felt after getting my help and often attracted great new partners within months, they reported making more money and effortlessly dropped excess weight.

After training as a Life Coach, I recognised there was much more to the process I was using with my clients than simply de-cluttering.  I could identify the conscious and subconscious blockages clients had created with their possessions by looking around their homes.  With a process of clearing, cleansing and coaching best described as ‘Interiors Therapy’ clients were refreshed and empowered in all areas of their lives.

I am passionate about helping women let go of their baggage and move into a fresh future without the past holding them back. I work with private individuals and organisations and give talks on the power of Interiors Therapy and de-cluttering across the UK and internationally.

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