Clear your past and present clutter to create new relationships and opportunities in your life

“I invested in Interiors Therapy for each of my properties and saw my income grow to seven figures, my social life bloom and health improve”     MH, East Anglia

A powerful combination of practical support and coaching

Consultation in your home

If you cling to clutter in any part of your life you do yourself and the people who surround you a huge disservice.

It’s no surprise that over-stuffed homes mean stagnant air, a lack of energy, weight gain, frayed tempers and a general sense of dissatisfaction with life.

The possessions we surround ourselves with tell a story and lock us in the past.  Interiors Therapy is the key to identifying blockages and breaking them down at an emotional and practical level.  

Even a small amount of clutter, especially in wardrobes, kitchens and hallways makes every day more complicated.  You deserve better!

Clutter represents an absence of motivation and a feeling of ‘lack’ leading you to hold on to items which no longer serve you and a subconscious belief that you can’t manage without them.

When left to fester, aside from gathering dust, clutter creates feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression and inability to cope.  Combined with pets clutter can result in pungent smells the home owner doesn’t notice, insect infestations and harmful bacteria which diminish air quality and can result in problems with breathing including asthma and breathlessness, and difficulty in fighting off infections.

For some clients, pain and physical illness resolve after they de-clutter and work with an Interiors Therapy coach. Clients often lose weight, find they feel more positive and regain a sense of wellbeing. Book a free 15 minute consultation

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