Online consultation to clear your past and present clutter to create new opportunities in your life

“I’m a total convert to Interiors Therapy, within weeks I’d been head-hunted into a new job earning more than double my previous salary.”     Nathalia H, Columbus, Ohio

A powerful combination of practical support and coaching while you work to transform your home

Preparing for your Online consultation

After booking an online consultation, Suzanne asks that you review the following notes in advance of your appointment to make the most of your time.

 can be Before the online appointment:

  • Identify the key area you want to work with for this 3 hour appointment.
  • Ensure your phone or laptop is fully charged and you have somewhere to prop it to enable Suzanne to see the room and work with you.
  • Have sturdy reasonably sized cardboard boxes or invest in  strong refuse bags with handles. Cheaper ones will rip.
  • Check the address and opening times of the local waste disposal site and a nearby alternative should the nearest one be closed.
  • Check local charity/thrift store opening hours and whether weekend donations are accepted.
  • Use Google search to enquire whether charities can collect large donations and furniture from your home.
  • Be prepared with water to stay hydrated and a healthy snack if you will need one during the 3 hour session.
  • Get your partner/family involved if applicable. Suzanne can only assist with clearing clutter when the owner is present and engaged with the process.
  • If you have young children at home, consider having someone take care of them for the duration of your appointment.   You will want to be able to focus without distraction.
  • Shifts in energy associated with clearing clutter can be unsettling.  During the process be prepared to feel a little light headed or emotional. You will adjust very quickly.

On the day:

At the start of the consultation, Suzanne will ask you to clarify what you want to achieve and your priority rooms/areas for the day.  You should then be prepared to get straight to work. Suzanne will be with you for 3 hours.

In order to manage your Interiors Therapy expectations, if you have a lot of clutter it is going to take time to physically remove your ‘stuff’ once you have decided it no longer has a place in your life.  Remember it’s taken you a long while to collect it, so be kind to yourself!

Suzanne will guide you through your clutter clearing and provide you with tools to continue your Interiors Therapy in the coming days.  If you feel this will be a very big task and want swift results, Suzanne recommends booking two consecutive days to make an impact.

You will be encouraged to stay hydrated.

Suzanne recommends moving clutter away from your home as quickly as possible.

At the end of the online consultation there will be a brief progress review.  Suzanne will ask you to plan and write down the next actions towards your Interiors Therapy transformation.  

Book a 3 Hour online consultation.  

Evening and weekend appointments may be available by special request.  Contact Suzanne