Clear your past and present clutter to create a new relationship in your life

“Five days after my Interiors Therapy consultation I achieved an outcome I had waited over two years for – and a bonus of £18K!  A couple of weeks later I met the man of my dreams.”     Emma Fraser, West Midlands

A powerful combination of practical support and coaching

Your bespoke Interiors Therapy and clutter consultation

This is a hands-on intensive day or two-day Interiors Therapy and coaching experience with Suzanne Roynon.  When booking a consultation a client can expect to spend their day actively identifying blockages, understanding their impact, reviewing and removing clutter from their home.

During this process the client will be coached to identify the root cause of holding on to possessions associated with negative situations and encouraged to look at them in a new light.

Suzanne will explain the basic principles of the Feng Shui Bagua and how to improve the flow of energy within the home.

The consultation is a supportive process and the client will work consistently to achieve the maximum benefit from their day(s).  On occasions this may be challenging or emotional.  Suzanne is not afraid to use ‘tough love’ as part of the Interiors Therapy and coaching process to allow the client to move past procrastination and self doubt, putting them in a positive place for them to take control of their life and move forward.

  • The client takes full responsibility for the possessions they dispose of. 
  • Suzanne Roynon is not a specialist in antiques, art or collectibles and will not be liable for anything a client chooses to dispose of during the consultation.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to make appropriate arrangements for a professional valuation and appropriate method of sale in the event they believe an item is valuable.
  • Suzanne always takes great care when handing items. However, accidents can happen, and the client agrees that Suzanne can not and will not be held liable for any losses or damage.

Suzanne is a strong advocate of recycling wherever possible.  Clients are asked to consider donating clutter to charity or using the Freecycle network to reduce items reaching landfill.

In addition to the practical benefits of reclaiming space within the home, Interiors Therapy may be beneficial in terms of improved energy and wellbeing.  Clients often find they lose weight, feel happier and lighter in themselves and many experience a sense of deep relief as clutter leaves their home.  Single clients who want to be in a relationship may find they start meeting ‘the right kind of person’ and find romance, sometimes after years alone.

Your bespoke Interiors Therapy Coaching and Clutter Inspiration Consultation

To request an Interiors Therapy and Clutter Consultation, please firstly book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your requirements.  

A mutually convenient consultation day(s) can be booked at this time.

When you book an Interiors Therapy/Clutter Consultation day it is essential to read and take action on the pre-appointment guidance well in advance of your booking to make the most of the time with Suzanne.