Why Suzanne?


After 30 years in the NHS and charity sector, I realised what I loved the most was to make a positive difference to people’s lives.



Suzanne talks a lot of sense. Like when she tells me: ‘The reason you are single and 64 and doing the things you do is because all your books and art and pictures . . . they’re holding you in the past.’

She’s right. These things are all like props that keep me playing the same role in the same play that is my life. To allow for a new storyline to emerge — one involving someone else — I have to change the setting.

Since Suzanne’s visit, I’m like some mad Stepford housewife, forever cleaning, changing around furniture and taking bags of books and DVDs to the charity shop.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that making these changes in my home — and, more importantly, in my head — will lead to love. But one thing is for certain. My flat is no longer a woman-repeller, and I haven’t been so happy in ages.

Cosmo Landesman, London


I asked Suzanne for help with my clutter when I wanted to downsize and realized more than half of the space in my home was taken up by things I was storing but not using.

My challenge was the emotional connection to old relationships and situations which I wrapped around me like a security blanket. I was frightened to part with it all but felt trapped, lonely and in debt. Suzanne’s Interiors Therapy helped me understand how the clutter I was clinging onto impacted on me.

As we  over a period of worked on the Interiors Therapy over a number of weeks, my longstanding depression started to lift and I felt happier and more content in myself. My business improved and I was able to take on many new clients. I cleared my debts, giving me financial freedom which was a huge relief. At the same time I started attracting new romantic interest and am now dating again after seven years alone.

I now look at my life and my home differently. If something in my home brings me down, it goes. Life is too special to be surrounded by things which I don’t need, love or use. Thank you Suzanne from the bottom of my heart.

Olivia Lee, Hertfordshire

Working with Suzanne to make my home ‘Ready to Sell’ was liberating.  I realised I had effectively been a lodger in my own home for many years – there were cupboards I never looked in and rooms which felt unloved. With the Interiors Therapy I fell in love with my home all over again.

My house sold three days after the consultation.

M Higgs, Hertfordshire



I was in the running for a significant promotion against top candidates. Suzanne suggested we focus on clearing my ‘career area’.

This visit made such a difference to my home and inexplicably how I felt. It seemed to lift my mood and gave me a new focus. I’m delighted to confirm I got the job!

John Hill, Cheshire

Working with Suzanne was the best investment I have ever made.  She helped me move on from my marriage and clear away possessions I was holding on to which reminded me of my past.

I feel completely different and life has opened up for me after 6 years of feeling miserable.

RB, Buckinghamshire

Suzanne helped me to clear my physical and emotional clutter when I moved to a rental flat at the end of an unhappy marriage. I was five stone overweight, miserable and the only thing keeping me going was my job.

After working with Suzanne I found new enthusiasm for life and am now a size 12, happily married and enjoying life with my new husband and our child. The combination of clearing my clutter and Suzanne’s ‘Manifesto Method’ gave me the life I had always wanted.

Carrie Daniel, Hertfordshire

For five years my home felt unloved and oppressive.  In two short days, Suzanne taught me so much and I have continued the clutter clearing process on a regular basis.

As a result I have regained my confidence, left an unhappy work situation and started planning my future with a new partner.

CW, Worcestershire

I’d been struggling to find space in my flat and feeling that life was a struggle too.  With Suzanne’s help I was able to clear my whole flat and then carefully consider the placement and storage of my remaining possessions.

The flat was so much lighter and brighter, I could see things, find things and it generally felt so much more enjoyable to live in.  The most surprising consequence was within 6 months I started a new job, met a new man and life became so much more fun.

Elizabeth Pickering, East Sussex

Suzanne was focused on my needs.  She provides amazing support, from the practical when clearing, sorting and rearranging, and asking questions that helped me make effective decisions and clear the emotional issues involved.

Since we began the Interiors Therapy process,  I’ve attracted new clients who can afford my full fees easily and gained a new level of focus on my business.  Unexpectedly my husband has started to clear his stuff.  What a difference!  Our relationship has definitely improved, and communication has become calm and comfortable.

Jen Tiller, Letchworth Garden City

The thing I most appreciate about working with Suzanne on clutter clearing my home, is her dedication to getting MY needs met, rather than meeting someone else’s agenda.  She provides amazing support, from the practical when clearing, sorting and rearranging, to her gift of holding the space plus asking questions that helped me make effective decisions and clearing the emotional issues involved.

I had been struggling to get over the end of a relationship and had lost friends as a result of my mood. I’d lost my mojo and it was beginning to show at work. With Suzanne’s help, I’m now happy in my home, have decided to study for a Masters and am dating again.

James Wilkinson,  London

I had been overweight for 10 years. After getting Suzanne’s help, I dropped 3 dress sizes and met a great man – in 6 months! I am now married with a healthy baby girl and I’m where I’ve always wanted to be.  

Diane Stephenson, Hitchin, Herts